Mortgage Rates Near 2-Month Lows

Joe Pisa | September 27, 2016
Mortgage Rates maintained their recent winning streak today, falling for the 5th straight day.  The average lender is now offering the best rates in nearly 2 months.  You'd have to go back…

Resurgence of PMI Could Force FHA to Cut Premiums

Joe Pisa | September 16, 2016
In last month's Housing Finance Chartbook the Urban Institute showed how a recent surge in issuance of private mortgage insurance (PMI) had come at the expense of the Federal Housing…

Product Enhancement

Joe Pisa | August 16, 2016
Fannie Mae HomeReady The following updates are effective for all HomeReady loans with a Note Date on or after July 26, 2016. Desktop Underwriter (DU) will be updated in a…