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NJ Property Taxes: How Much You Pay For Schools.

Northstar Funding Team | March 21, 2018
See link below to find out how much you are paying for school taxes in NJ. Article - NJ property taxes: Here's how much you pay for schools. Is…

Tax Season Tips from Vision Financial Group

Northstar Funding Team | March 20, 2018
Here are some links to tips for your returns this year courtesy of  Vision Financial Group CPAs LLP: Real estate deductions in NJ Best time to file your taxes Tax audits risks Check…

Fannie Mae Potentially More Prohibitive on Ratios Over 45%

Northstar Funding Team | March 15, 2018
Desktop Underwriter/Desktop Originator Version 10.2 Release Please be aware of the latest version of DU (DU Version 10.2) is going live this weekend. It is possible that it may become more challenging…